Languages connect people

There are around 6500 languages around the world. Some of them are used by millions of people, some- only by a couple hundreds.

Despite all of that, in translation there are some language combinations which we call ‘standard’, such as Polish-German or German-English. But due to extending globalization, other combinations, previously considered to be rare or exotic, are gaining importance.

Languages Profi Translation

Profi Translation is dynamically developing and changing. We are constantly expanding our offer and we are adding new languages and language combinations. What is more, we focus on offering new, innovative services. Translation and interpreting, proofreading, voiceover and other, nonstandard services. We invite you to contact us: even if you haven’t found the offer that meets your expectations on our website, we will do our best to answer your questions and to find the best solutions for you.

You can choose from many language combinations

The list of the most popular European languages

Every European country has an official language, which they are very proud of. Besides, in some countries, there are more than one official languages of equal importance.  And what is more, many languages have different variants: Spanish in Spain is different from Spanish in Chile or Columbia. Are you interested in a specific language variety? Please contact us!

The Scandinavian languages

Scandinavia is fascinating for many people in Europe. Its culture and language are different from other areas of the continent. Although the Scandinavian countries don’t have many inhabitants, every one of them has their own, independent language.

Asian languages

Asia is a huge continent with many big and populous countries, and they are all very diverse in terms of culture. But our trained, professional translators are able to translate even the hardest texts from the most exotic languages. It is even more important since the Asian languages are gaining importance every year, which is a result of Asia’s economic importance and of business contacts among Asian countries.

Other language combinations

Are you looking for a language combination without German? No problem! Profi Translation offers translations with language combinations without German, as well. You haven’t found the language combination you are looking for on our website? Don’t hesitate and write to us. We are constantly working on expanding our offer and we are trying to meet as many expectations of our clients as possible.

There are endless language combinations possible and thus it is not possible to name them all on our website.

We are working together with trained translators of different languages. Profi Translation is a translation office in which you will find a partner. Our consultants will advise you on the best solution.

We are happy to work together with you!