Professional translation of a specialized text- certified or non-certified

Do you need to get a specialized text translated? Do you need to have a manual translated into a foreign language? Are you urgently looking for a translation of a document for a client or a business partner? Do you want to get married abroad and you need a translated birth certificate? Are you planning to sign a contract with a partner abroad and you need to have the company documents translated? Please use our services!

We offer translations in, among others, the following fields:

  • IT and software
  • Tourism and gastronomy
  • Medicine and pharmacy
  • Economy and commerce
  • Media and marketing
  • Law
  • Art and culture
Spezialized translation Profi Translation

We would be happy to advise you and to propose the best solution!

Should the field you are looking for not be on our website, please contact us. We are constantly working on expanding the offer of our services. We are adding new fields and new language combinations. Personal relationship with the client is very important for us. We meet and talk and the client has the chance to tell us their wishes and explain any questions and doubts. We know that many translations are complicated and standard solutions are not enough. Profi Translation helps its clients find solutions to even the most difficult cases.

Translating specialized documents- translation of the industry’s jargon

Translators, as many other professions, specialize in specific fields. Every language is a huge, complex entity and it is really a rare skill to know all the words, phrases, and structures.

The jargon of an industry is often confusing and unclear for the people outside of this industry or profession, even if they are native speakers of the language.

Translators specializing in a given field undergo regular training to be able to get to know the language on the highest possible level. It is a lengthy and demanding process which allows the translators to put the text in context. Just knowing the words isn’t enough to properly transfer the meaning of a text into another language. Additionally, every industry is developing extremely quickly. New words are created, jargon and everyday speech change. The value of the specialized texts’ quality increases. We would be happy to help you in this area. It is important to establish whether a certified translation is needed or not before commissioning a translation.

Profi Translation doesn’t calculate any additional, hidden costs

The price of a translation depends on a few factors:

Would you like to get a free, unbinding pricing before commissioning a translation? Please contact us. We answer every question.

Specialized translations Profi Translation