Independent appearances with an interpreter

During important conferences, meetings or private life celebrations it is important to participate with the interpreter by your side. Interpreting is the highest art. Although many people speak one or even more languages fluently, it doesn’t guarantee a successful interpreting.

The work of an interpreter is connected with great stress and extremely high standards from the clients. What is more, this type of job is often unpredictable and demanding. Our interpreters are proud to be trained in this profession and they know the language on a native-like level. This rare combination of skills allows them to feel even the smallest language nuances and to interpret on the highest level, even in very stressful situations.

Whether negotiations with a business client go as planned or whether a court trail runs smoothly, depends on the work of the interpreter. Small, subtle differences are often unnoticeable for an ‘’untrained’’ ear.

We invite you to use the services of our trained interpreters who will lead your case professionally and discreetly.

Interpreting Translation agency Profi Translation

Clear price offer without hidden costs

The price of interpreting depends on a few factors:

  • the length of the interpreting
  • language combination
  • type of interpreting (consecutive or simultaneous)
  • field (pertains to specialized translations)

When lengthy commuting is needed, there is an additional flat-rate fee for the travel.

Are you looking for a language combination which could not have been found on our website? Please send us an offer! We answer every question, and we are always trying to find the best solutions for our clients!

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Interpreting via phone and online

More and more often we do private and business things via phone or online, during a videoconference. Technological progress fosters and speeds up communication. In such a case, there is no need to commute to the client or to the office, which saves time and money. These resources can then be used by a person or a company in some other way.

Flexible interpreting via phone and online/during a video conference

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Are you expecting important negotiations with a client who doesn’t speak foreign languages? Do you need to take care of your business in a foreign office? We invite you to use the services of our interpreters during a phone call or a videoconference. What are the advantages? We often have to make decisions quickly, based on the information that we have. If the information during a conversation is misunderstood, it might have serious consequences. Small linguistic misunderstandings in everyday life can be humorous, but while talking with clerks or business partners they can lead to serious mistakes or misunderstandings and they might influence the decisions made by an official and, thus, have serious consequences.