Professional interpreting and translation for companies​

The reality in a company and the everyday life of an entrepreneur is different from the life of a private person. Something is happening all the time, something urgent, unexpected. One has to answer clients’ requests, make offers etc.

Companies rarely work only with partners speaking the same language. It has become a necessity to prepare contracts in two languages. Employees, even those who speak foreign languages fluently, don’t always have time to manage all the responsibilities. They have neither the time nor the resources to translate documents. Besides, even the ability to use a language on a native speaker-like level doesn’t mean that one can translate a text or a document without mistakes.

Profi Translation is more than happy to take this translation task over from you and your employees.

Flexible and transparent prices without additional costs​

We are proud to build and foster a long-term relationship with our partners and this relationship is based on trust.

Our translators translate standard and certified texts in many different language combinations.

Are you planning a business trip? Are you visiting an important client or taking part in important business negotiations? The presence of a professional, trained interpreter is of great advantage. You can be sure that everything will be properly understood and explained.

When working with us, you can decide if you want to make a blanket order or to simply commission us a translation whenever needed. In both cases we can guarantee the same high quality of our services and an uncomplicated process of task execution. We are always happy to present to you our nonbinding, free offer if you are willing to work with us.

Translation For companies Profi Translation

Flexible and transparent prices without extra costs​

Profi Translation makes a clear and understandable offer for its clients.

The price of a translation is influenced by the following factors:

  • language combination
  • the length of the text
  • type of translation (certified or not)
  • field (pertains to specialized translations)

The price of interpreting (also via phone or in the form of a teleconference) is influenced by the following factors:

  • the length of interpreting
  • language combination
  • type of interpreting (consecutive or simultaneous)
  • field

Fruitful cooperation without blanket orders​

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Our clients don’t have to make long-term blanket orders. You can simply commission us a translation or interpreting whenever needed.

We put a lot of effort into making the work with our clients as simple as possible and the processes of task execution as uncomplicated as possible.

Have you got any questions? We are happy to hear from you. We would be pleased to present you our unbinding, free offer.