Writing stylistically correct texts without mistakes

Proofreading has been gaining importance over the last few years. When publishing texts, handing-in written works or even documents (such as a CV), it is important to have it written correctly. Proofreading corrects only the spelling and grammar. The content is in no way checked or corrected.

When we speak, many mistakes go unnoticed. Written works and documents are merciless and we can see every single mistake ‘in black and white’. They can make a negative impression on our viewers.

It is becoming increasingly popular to publish texts, both on paper and on the Internet, in a foreign language. There are some practical reasons to that: if one wants to make an international career as a researcher, it is necessary to publish in a foreign language (usually in English), in order to increase the number of one’s research recipients.

Even native speakers often struggle with grammar or punctuation. The ‘four eyes’ rule, namely proof reading a text by two people, can be useful in this case as well. It is worth asking a second person for their objective opinion.

Professional proofreading

Professional translators and interpreters skilled in their job are able to catch even the smallest mistakes, which could have been overlooked by an ordinary reader. Proofreaders specialize in noticing mistakes and language nuances. Our proofreaders are native speakers or people using the language on a native speaker-like level and they specialize in working with a given language. Would you like us to proofread your text? Please send us the following information:

  • what language (e.g. French)
  • the length of the text (e.g. 10 000 words)

These two factors influence the ultimate price of our service. After submitting this information, you will get from us an unbinding, free pricing.

Proofreading Tranlation Agency Profi Translation

We are happy to hear your questions! Do you want to have someone proofread a text in a language which you have not found on our offer? Please contact us! We are constantly working on extending our offer. Additionally, we do our best to find the best solutions for our clients, also when it comes to nonstandard requests.