Translating texts and documents is the core of our activity

The world is quickly changing into a ‘small village’. Both companies and private people travel a lot, changing their place of residence. Due to that, one needs to translate documents to be able to submit it to different offices, at university or to an employer. People need to be sure that what is in the original document meets their needs. We often refer to these documents as ‘just pieces of paper’, but we can’t forget that these are official documents, which can be accepted by the officials only when they are in the official language of a country.

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Knowing foreign languages is something obvious nowadays. When applying for a job, no matter what position, you almost always have to have some knowledge of at least one foreign language. Employers most often ask for English. But even its fluent knowledge is not always enough: official documents or applications have to be in the official language of a country.

Clear prices without hidden costs

The price of a translation depends on different factors. Would you like to receive a free, unbinding pricing offer? We need the following pieces of information from you:

  • language combination
  • the length of the text
  • type of translation (certified or non-certified)
  • field (pertains to specialized translations)

After submitting these, you will receive a free, unbinding pricing offer.

If you are sure that you would like to commission us a translation without prior receiving a pricing offer, please contact us. In such a case the final pricing is influenced by the length of the text, language combination, field (in case of specialized translations) and whether you wish to have your translation certified or not.

We invite you to contact us via email or using our online contact form.